Clarificiation on formal procedure for complaints and appeals submission



  • All students' complaints and appeals should be first presented to, and handled by, Course Directors on respective subjects to which the complaint/appeal pertains.
  • If, for any reason, the student/students feel that the complaint/appealwas not dealt with by the Course Director appropriately, he/she/they can make a further appeal to the Vice Dean and the Board for studies in English.This second appeal will be considered only if it strictly conforms to the following procedure:

-       The complaint/appeal must be in writing (preferably printed);

-       The complaint/appeal must be addressed to the Vice Dean and the Board for studies in English;

-       The complaint/appeal must contain contact information (phone number and address - regular mail or electronic) at which the student/students can be reached for further clarification and to which the final decision/answer can be delivered;

-       The complaint/appeal must contain a clear description of the matter including details about previous attempts of resolution with the Course Director and why it had failed;

-       The complaint/appeal must be signed with students' full name and index number, year of studies and students' handwritten signature;

-       The complaint/appeal must be submitted to the Registry office (Pisarnica) at the ground floor of the Head building, Dr Subotica 8 street. Complaints/appeals submitted in anyother way (through the administrative office for studies in English, via e-mail, etc.) will NOT be taken into consideration.

  • The complaints/appeals that satisfy all of the above conditions will be considered at the first next meeting of the Board for studies in English. If the Vice Dean and members of the Board need further information/clarification the student may be called to give a personal account of the matter and provide additional information.
  • The final decision will be communicated to the student/students using the contact information given in the complaint/appeal.
  • For all matters that are not related to a single subject or involve a large portion of students the students are strongly encouraged to involve students' representatives on their respective year/years.



Vice Dean for studies in English

Prof. dr Biljana Mihaljevic