Dear students,


The Board of students in English at BUFM (Students' Board) is a body formed by you - the students. The Students' Board is a part of Students' Parliament at the BUFM. The main role of the Students' Board is to help you take part in all aspects of extracurricular activities at BUFM including (but not limited to) involvement in research, students exchange, sports and cultural activities, etc.


In order to constitute a functioning Students' Board, we are calling for an election of student representatives to be held amongst students of each year of studies. Each year should elect two representatives for the Students' Board - one full member and one substitute. Since the Students' Board is your organization, it is up to you to organize and conduct fair elections.


Please send information about elected representatives to Assist. prof. Srdjan Lopicic at later than December the 5th.



Prof dr Biljana Mihaljevic

Asoc. Prof. Milos Marakovic

Asist. Prof Srdjan Lopicic