Information on entrance exam for studies in English at UBFM


The first term of entrance examination was held on July 6, 2017. Fifty seven candidates out of 69 who attended the entrance exam passed the exam (12 candidates failed) and were enrolled in the first year of the studies in English, so large number of spots are still available for the medical programme in English at UBFM. Please note that the applicants who did not pass the entrance exam in July are still eligible to take the second entrance exam in September.


The second term of entrance examination is scheduled for Tuesday, September 12, 2017.  Original documents and filled application form should be submitted during the week that precedes the entrance exam (September 4 - 8) from 9:00 - 13:00 at the Office of Students Affairs (Head building, 2nd floor). For more information on entrance exam (application procedure, documents required for application, admission scoring system or structure and topics for the entrance exam), please refer to our website at Applying to UBFM.


Please note that the UBFM has provided an online preparation programme for the entrance exam. The preparation consists of two separate courses - one for biology and another for chemistry. Both courses are tailored to the specific requirements of the entrance exam and consist of lectures, films, readings, assignments, etc. They also include practice tests which exactly follow the format of the entrance exam.


On the Preparatory Programme web page you can get further information, take a demo course, or proceed straight to registration.