CSNIRS paper information and applications



Dear Colleagues,


We are happy to inform you that submission of the students' research paper applications starts from Wednesday, November 1st.

You can apply by sending an e- mail containing Mentor's Application Form as described below.

To: csnirsbg@gmail.com

CC: Mentor's e-mail address

Subject: Course you are writing the paper in (Exact discipline of Internal Medicine)


E- mail has to contain:


1.     Mentor's Application Form , completely filled out

2.     If the Mentor has Teaching Associate position, proof of at least one authorial publication published in journal with an impact factor of 1 or higher, where he is listed as 1st or 2nd is required (link or document)


Deadline for submitting  your Mentor's Application Form is Sunday, November 12th. Incomplete and applications sent past the deadline will not be considered. If you do not get an answer in 48 hours, check whether  you are sending an e- mail on the right address or feel free to contact any of the Professional and Scientific Students' Research Center (CSNIRS) members.


Only original students' scientific- research papers done in any teaching base of Medical Faculty, University of Belgrade can be submitted. Papers in form of case reports, review papers or meta analysis are not considered valid.


Paper must not be published or accepted for publication, or be a part of a PhD or Master thesis or an academic specialization paper.


Who can apply?

-        Any full-time student who enrolled in at least 3rd semester of Integrated academic studies of Medicine, absolvent or an intern

-        Students are allowed to write the paper only at departments where they passed the exam and got grade 8 or higher (to submit the Chemistry paper, Medical Biochemistry has to be passed; in case of Biophysics, Medical Physiology or Radiology have to be passed)

-        6th year students can submit the paper on  courses that are part of their programme for that specific year

-        All conditions apply to authors and coauthors. Paper must not have more than two coauthors.


For any further inquiries, you can contact CSNIRS through e-mail address, Facebook page or any of the CSNIRS members and volunteers in person.


We wish you luck in your first steps in science!