Important Information - MICROBIOLOGY



Important Information


III semester 2017/18

MAKE UPS of Practical Classes,  2017-18 ,

January 17th 2018, 10,00 A.M. Lab. Room 1, Insitute



All students who have more than two allowed minuses from  Practical Lessons  (Exercises/ Seminars ) must  take  Make Ups  in the form of essays and discussion with professor about the topics,  on January 17th, at 10:00 in the Lab. Room 1/2nd floor at the Institute.



The essays are written at the time of Make Ups and should contain the most important information that are the subject of missed Practical Classes that has passed in accordance with the ppt from exercises or seminars.


In order to regulate payments of missed Practical Lessons  students should contact administrative coordinator  Mrs. Bojana Stankovic.

Students are obligated to bring indexes on the MakeUps.


Course Director

Prof. Maja Cupic