Lecture attendance and make ups



Dear students,


as we are in the final week of the winter semester a student attendance analysis was performed at the Faculty. The results show that some students have failed to fully appreciate the importance and seriousness of missed classes and the consequences irregular attendance might have. Therefore, we would like to remind you about some of the key points in Article 30 of the Rulebook on Organization of Teaching courses at the Belgrade Faculty of Medicine which governs the attendance and make ups:


(1) Student may make up for the missed classes in a way determined by the Department if the reason of non-attendance is justified and in case that no more that 30% of the classes is missed.

(2) Justifiable absence as mentioned in the above item shall be assessed by the Course directorand members of the Department participating in courses in English language who will bring the final decision.

(3) Student is obliged to make up for all the missed exercises and 80% of missed seminars.

(4) If the student fails to attend 30% of the lectureshe/she does not earn attendance-related points, but he/she will nevertheless be considered eligible to take examination.

(5) Student who misses more than 30% of practical classes shall repeat the year of studies.


We would like to emphasize that these rules will be strictly followed.


Since, according to items (1) and (2) above, the Course director and members of the Department are those that decide about make ups, we would kindly ask the students having problems with missed classes to direct their pleas and complaints to the appropriate Course director.


If at all possible it is preferable and strongly recommended that you inform your Course directors in advanceon any absences, especially longer ones, so that you could get their approval, avoid misunderstandings and make arrangements that secure you remain eligible to take examination.



Vice Dean for studies in English

Prof. dr Biljana Mihaljevic


and members of the Board for studies in English