Important information regarding selection of elective courses - Summer semester



Dear students,

It is necessary that you log into the app located at the following link: where you can choose your preferred elective courses. Detailed information regarding content of the courses can be found in the app itself. Please read it carefully before making your final decision.

The final list of students assigned to preferred elective courses will be made according to the GPA, and for the I year students according to the entrance exam points.

To successfully log in, you need to use the username and password that are assigned to your e-student service, which are as follows:

FOR GENERATION 2017/18: USERNAME: me176number of index, PASSWORD: same as USERNAME

PREVIOUS GENERATIONS: USERNAME: meYEAR OF ENROLLMENT (14,15,16.,) NUMBER OF INDEX; Password is the same as the one used for winter semester,  please visit e-center CIKT, which is located opposite of the Dean's Office Building, if you have any trouble logging in.

Please make you selection until Wednesday, March 21st, 00:00 CET.