Medical Physiology Lab & Colloquium make-ups



Timetable for make up in Medical Physiology


Make up of practical exercise will be held on Monday 04.06.2018. from 12:00h in the Institute for Medical Physiology.


I Group



1.  ME06/16          XVIII exercise              

2. ME52/16           XXVI exercise                       

3. ME36/16           XVII, XX, XXV exercises     

4.  ME32/16          XVI exercise                          


II Group


1. ME57/16                     XVI exercise                          

2. ME64/16                     XVII exercise     

3. ME59/16                     XXVI exercise   

4. ME55/15                     XX exercise        

5. ME18/16           XIV, XVII, XVIII, XXII, XXVI        

6. ME85/15                     XX exercise                            

7. ME81/16                     XX exercise        

8. ME46/16                     XIV, XXI exercises     

9. ME70/15                     XXI exercise                          

10. ME04/16                   XVIII-XXVII                 

11. ME01/16                   XVIII exercise                        

12. ME02/16                   XIV, XXIII exercises             

13. ME33/16                   XXI exercise                          

14. ME48/16                   XXVI exercise             

15. ME18/15                   XIV-XXVII



Timetable for makeup of colloquium in Medical Physiology


Makeup of colloquium will be held on Thursday 10.06.2018.

III from 10:30h

I and II from 11:15h

At the laboratory of the Institute for Medical Physiology.



Department of Medical Physiology